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Company: IntaCapital Switzeraland SA

Location: Geneva, CH


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Former CEO of Garrison Securities SA is Back To His Old Tricks with New Company IntaCapital

Dan Terry, the British national who lives in France and works in Switzerland, is up to old ways. After closing down Garrison Securities last year, due to legal and criminal investigations, he has started another financial company, IntaCapital Switzerland SA. He is currently working to rebrand his image with stories referring to his personal and professional successes, but these stories appear to be fake attempts to provide legitimacy to his questionable business dealings.

He has been referenced in online blogs as a successful millionaire financier. However, these stories are unverifiable and are not being generated by verifiable financial journalist or credible international financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, or Financial Times.

Dan Terry was the former CEO of defunct Garrison Securities SA. Garrison was financial advisory intermediary company located at 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland and Lausanne, Switzerland. The company stole several million dollars in upfront fees. Dan Terry was directly involved in the creation, managing and leading the fraud and scam that was committed. He was added by Jason Mitchell, Nicholas Fox, and Paul Jordan. There are a number of victims that have been scammed by Dan Terry and his business concerns over the last several years.

Garrison Securities was closed down a year ago and re-opened as IntaCapital Switzerland SA another financial intermediary company. The company was founded in July 22, 2011 and is registered in Geneva, Switzerland. The website does not reference an office address or contact details. All information request and deliverance are carried out online only.

Investigations have been made to the local authorities in Switzerland (Canton de Vaud), FINMA (which Garrison and Dan Terry elected for obvious reasons), and legal courts in Switzerland (Canton de Vaud) concerning Dan Terry and his business dealings.


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