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Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 4:03pm CST by a051f8a3

Product: David's Bridal Preservation service

Company: David's Bridal Preservation service

Location: David's Bridal 3008 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY Gardiner Lane Shopping Center (502) 459-7061 ?
Louisville, KY, US

URL: http://Davidsbridal.com/

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My daughter's wedding was on July 3rd and on July 8th we took her wedding gown to David's Bridal (DB) (where we had bought it)to have it cleaned. We used their preservation service (but they sent it on to Memories Gown Preservation (MGP)with whom DB is a business partner. The gown was returned in early August 2010 with a strong pink tinge (the red sash had bled onto the dress). It never should have been returned to us like that. I was told to send the gown back and they tried to correct the problem. It came back much improved but still having a pink tinge. On Nov 4 2010 I spoke with Joanne Geoghegan (District manager of DB tel (800) 823-2403 ext 5171) who promised a resolution. However, when I took the gown back to the store the store manager (Cindy) decided the gown had been properly preserved and refused to make any adjustment. I said that if they truly felt the gown had been properly preserved, then put it on display next to their white weddings gowns to show he quality of their preservation services. They refused my offer. I still have the gown if someone needs proof of the damaged gown.


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