J P Morgan & Chase bank - Mortgage

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 at 10:38pm CST by 7d9feff5

Company: J P Morgan & Chase bank

Location: Port Orchard, Wa, 98366, US

Category: Other

As of march of 2011 I moved my checking to BECU because of chase bank charged me a fee. My mortgage is still with chase bank. I started paying my mortgage on line using Boeing bill pay as of April 1st. Chase bank accepted my payments with no problems. On December 9th my mortgage payment was sent out electronically by Boeing through the bill payment. Chase bank returned the payment on December 19th but did not tell me they sent it back. They then charged me a late fee. I called chase bank up and they told me they never received my payment and to send another payment, so I did. I told them that I have the proof and I will go down to the bank and show them. I did just that and they took the

late fee off. Chase bank told me, it was probably Boeing bank not letting the payment go through. So I called Boeing bank from Chase bank and asked them what the issue was. Boeing looked into it and told me since April of 2011 it was being sent to a different account. The account was not active. So chase would go into that account and take the money and apply it to my mortgage, once they found out it was from me. Boeing bank told me that they do not know why Chase bank did nit contact me or Boeing about this issue. So since April of 2011, my mortgage payment was going to a different account, chase would locate it and apply it to my mortgage account. But of course chase never told me about this. Also at no time did Chase bank notify me that my mortgage was late. Boeing bank had to find the problem and they corrected the

problem. My biggest concern was that at NO time did Chase bank contact me about these issues. They wonder why I left them. Chase did finally send me paper work that my account was late, and i need to take care of this as soon as possible almost two weeks after this issue. Of

course my account was already up to date by then.


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