Pergo - Pergo...a tale of woe

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 6:24pm CST by 630cffb4

Product: laminate flooring

Company: Pergo

Location: US

Category: Building, Construction

I spent $5,000.00 to achieve a Pergo floor in my lr, dr, kit, and hall. My money bought a floor that,cleaned by Pergo suggested methods, appears to have been melded with waxed paper/slathered with lard, take your pick. Cleaning with any other method produces the same results. No cleaning method that I tried will remove the hideous film that will take a footprint of dog, cat, tennis shoe...whatever. Calls to inquire of Pergo reps what to do for film boiled down to get down on my knees and polish with a cotton towel. This is not acceptable to me, a 63 year old woman with numerous medical issues.

I filed a complaint after a few months of calling Pergo and getting the same run-around continually.

An inspector was sent to my home to view the film which was on display. He had told me he would be cleaning a small patch to compare with my cleaning, but he did not. I had the vinegar and water available, likewise the ammonia and water. He spent probably 8 minutes in my home and said the floor was buckling. I didn't hear from him after he left, so a few weeks later I got in touch with Lowe's (sales and installation). They looked at their information and told me that the film was considered a "site-related" issue. They didn't know what that meant, nor have I figured it out. The closest guess I have is that I live in a "Pergo film zone."

Had I done my research I would have known that the hateful film is a rampant problem for laminate flooring. Live and learn before you install a floor that you'll be sick to death of long before you die.


630cffb4, 2012-01-18, 02:58PM CST

I should have added that Pergo is massively indifferent to the problems their floors have, it boggles the imagination.

B S., 2013-05-09, 08:27PM CDT

Same problem here. Need to get started on the complaint process. I was,of course,"DENIED".

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