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Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 8:46pm CST by 79b05ebb

Product: Jeep dealership

Company: Neuwirth Motors

Location: 219 S COLLEGE RD PO BOX 4107//28406 Wilmington, NC 28403
Wilmington, NC, 28403, US


Category: Other

After several times of dealing with this dealership, I am honestly ready to turn over the keys from my brand new Jeep and just walk away. I had 3 oil change services with them. All 3 resulting in them saying there sorry due to it being over an hour or 2 for a 30 min change. I also had them vacuum my vehicle and the back and far back area was not even done. I heard the kid doing it saying that he didn't think I would have looked behind my seat. I was furious and email the manager who ignored my email. I emailed a second time and got a response saying he doesn't believe this is what the kid said and blew it off.

I then had a recall for the soft top. They replaced the top as the recall stated but then the top leaked when it rains (never did before) they said to bring it in but could take 3-4 days. I asked them to supply me with a loaner car as it was my only vehicle. They said they could not and to contact jeep or my insurance company. I said its not my fault but theirs as it never leaked before. The Manager (same guy as before) said he cant do anything and they don't offer a loaner program. After arguing, he said it should take a day and not 3 - 4. I picked it up today and they fixed the leak (I hope anyways since its not raining to test). Now there is a wind leak that was not there before. Now I have to take off again to go back to the dealership. I am just so tired of these people and really just want them to buy it back and call it a day. I think I will call Jeep nationals tomorrow maybe and tell them as well. Looking at the local Jeep forums it seems im not the only one. It is just horrible


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