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Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 3:52pm CST by 26d50a89

Product: jai rewards

Company: Orchards Brands Co.

Location: 9 Pasteur, Suite #200
Irvine, CA, 92618, US

URL: http://www.Drapers.com /

Category: Other

I ordered clothing from this catalog. they somehow signed me up for their rewards program (jai rewards). I have been getting charged $14.95 for 8 months until I caught it this mo. Jan. 2012.

I was told I gave them my last 4 digits of my phone # and that gave them permission to sign me up. Of course, I gave them my phone #. It is required when ordering by phone.

Upon calling re what this service is, I have been told it is to get discounts on "travel and fine dining"

I have also been told that it is for magazine subscriptions.

The problem is, I know I did not knowingly tell them to take this money for the past 8 mo. and I did not receive anything for the so called reward.

I am a senior citizen and know that their catalogs aim for the over age 55 customer. Unfortunately we are possibly easier to fool. I also had the identical problem with Orchards other catalog. - Appleseed's but they said I signed up when I listed my email address as I browsed their web site - more womens clothing. Mad Molly


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63a7eccd, 2012-01-22, 12:35PM CST

I just found this charge on my 82 year old Mother's charge card also. She also ordered clothing from here and she would not have knowingly signed up for something like this. When I asked her about it, she had no idea what it was, thought it was for something else she had ordered from them and didn't remember about. The charges started in September of this year. Thank you for posting your letter Molly.

ee2ca88b, 2012-02-04, 09:43AM CST

I am also a senior citizen and recently I was told that I signed up for this program as well. They stated that I signed up on line when I ordered a vest. This is crazy. I live in a small town far aways from any fancy or national restaurant food chains and we do not have any national hotels and since retiring, I do not travel. I would never have knowingly signed up for this type of reward program. Furthermore, I have not received any emails regarding awards nor have I received any card or any information about benefits. I have been ordering from Draper & Damon's for over 15 years. Now I am quitting and ending my association with them and I have ask to not receive any more catalogs. I will order from a more reputable business that does not take advantage of seniors. I am also going to call Consumer Reports and probably the Better Business Bureau to report this.

ba854793, 2012-02-17, 08:34AM CST

I also just noticed that a charge of $14.95 was taken from my bank account, and I know I called them immediately after filling something in online to tell them I wanted NO part of this scam. Now, I'm pretty upset! How does one permanently cancel this deduction?

391810a4, 2012-03-20, 08:38PM CDT

My mom has also been charged for this service after telling the girl on the phone she did not want it because she would not use it. She is 77 years old and does not travel.

04b9e531, 2012-06-28, 01:01PM CDT

Same thing happened to me. They gave me credit for 3 or 4 mos. when I finally discovered it, but I had to pay for 2 mos. I didn't remember signing up for this (Drapers).

95a4ac79, 2002-03-18, 10:41AM CST

I was lucky, and caught the $14.95 charge the first month it was made.

I called Drapers & Damons customer service and they told me to call 877-242-0439. I did this, and was able to cancel the "subscription" I had never made, BUT, I was unable to get my $14.95 back. However, you can get out of the ongoing charge by calling 877-242-0439.

CAUTION: Listen very carefully to the instructions at 877-242-0439. Do not start entering your phone number until you listen to the WHOLE THING. Then continue to listen carefully. HAVE A PEN AND PAPER ready, because they give you a confirmation number that is 14 (fourteen!) digits long.

This incident makes me very angry. I have a lot of catalog choices, and I can tell you that I will NEVER order from Drapers & Damons again. This is a deceitful business practice -- I would never have opted in to some "rewards" program that costs me money up front, yet somehow they tricked me into it, probably by requiring an opt-out checkmark somewhere that I missed. I am generally very savvy about online ordering, so they were VERY tricky, and I don't like it. SHAME ON THEM.

da9fed93, 2012-10-26, 11:15AM CDT

This happened to me. I had no idea I had signed up for anything until I got a charge on my account. There should be a law against this type of indiscriminate charges against a persons credit card.

21c7a58f, 2012-11-28, 03:48PM CST

It's unfortunate that Drapers & Damons utilizes such a tawdry and deceitful marketing scheme. Like many others, I unknowningly accepted this "rewards" sceme, and now accept responsibility for having done so. However, it's presentation during the ordering process is not clearly defined so it's not surprising that a lot of women are being charged this monthly fee and were not aware of the consequences of enrolling in D&D's "rewards" program. I will no longer be a customer, and I will be pleased to educate my friends about the practice. I'm also going to encourage my credit card company to investigate this practice. It undoubtedly creates problems for them.

Angry C., 2013-05-20, 07:38PM CDT

My wife bought something from Drapers and Damon's online in March 2012. At the same time she unintentionally signed up for some kind of service called "JAI Drapers Rewards." We have been charged $14.95 every month since then. We have no idea what service she has been getting from the JAI Drapers Rewards. I looked at my wife's email archives and it shows the confirmation for clothes order made in March and a confirmation that she signed up to receive email specials from them. No where did it say anything about signing up for this mysterious rewards program. I also searched the email archives for anything to do with JAI or just rewards. The JAI search brought up nothing but the rewards search brought up a lot of hits but none of them had anything to do with JAI Drapers Rewards or even any rewards email within a week of the transaction with Drapers and Damon's. Thanks to other entries here on compaints.com we got a phone number to call to cancel the JAI Drapers Rewards. However we weren't able to understand the explanation of what the rewards service was because of the heavy accent of the person on the phone. I'm going to pursue trying to get some money back because I think this is a scam deliberately set up to take advantage of older people who don't have great computer skills. It is our fault that we didn't notice the charge until now, but this would have been caught in the bud if JAI Draper Rewards would have emailed a confirmation of the order for the rewards service, explaining how to use the rewards service. I find it suspicious that there was no correspondence about that transaction.

6a01def4, 2013-10-04, 10:44AM CDT

I just discover this company has been stealing my money for 27 months. I am a senior citizen also. My husband died 27 months ago, I suppose shortly after, I ordered from this company (as I have been doing often over the years) for clothing to take on a trip. It has taken me this long to realize this problem, my emotional state has not been the best. This is a scam aimed at the elderly, since they are the ones who mostly shop at this store. I will never buy from them again.

00f87e28, 2014-01-14, 04:03PM CST

Does anyone have an address for the company that administers the "rewards" program?

38bd7a2d, 2014-01-15, 06:31PM CST

Drapers & Damons and Orchard has been a party to stealing over $150 from me since January 2013! I just noticed a $14.95 monthly charge on my credit card since Feb 1,2013. when I called the "Rewards # the person I reached obviously at a call center in India kept reciting a set speech and agreed to cancel my "membership" effective next month. He would not remove the past charges. This is truly a scam and perhaps those of us in California will have some recourse through the Attorney General's office. Drapers & Damons just lost me as a customer, both at the Walnut Creek store and catalog!

Angry C., 2014-02-03, 11:50PM CST

A follow up on my posting on 5-20-13. We did get a full refund of what we spent on the JAI Drapers Rewards because we contacted the customer service and complained about the charge.

fdfcc3d8, 2014-07-10, 05:35PM CDT

My mother also ordered from the drapers and Damon catalog and they decided to bill her the $14.97 a month. We called immediately and they removed that charge but continued processing a late fee for many months. It is nearly impossible to rectify this. This is a pure scam and something should be done to prevent this from continuing. It is illegal. Has anyone pursued legal action?

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