America's Health Team - America's Health Team. T.J.Pass,Rip off

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 11:14am CST by 08ee574e

Product: insurance

Company: America's Health Team

Location: 539 Myatt Drive
Madison, TN, 37115, US

Category: Other

T.J. Pass,America's Health Team.

If you are a potential client,he will say anything to get your money.

His greed for money out weighs all else.

I was an agent for a short time with America's Health Team.Thank God!

Even though I was there for a short time, I saw several agents come and go within weeks of being there.They can not keep agents.Bad leads, and constant harrassment and degrading remarks and threats of being fired from T.J.Pass runs most agents off within weeks.

T.J.Pass will take over your life.

He requires you to call him multiple times each day, sometimes as often as every hour.

Agents openly complained at the meeting, but it only seemed to make things worse.

You can't even get your work done because he wants to know by the hour, how much money you are making for him.

Then when you finish work for the day he will call you to see if you had any sales...he wants to know how much money he made off of you on his over rides.

If you ask T.J.Pass how much money he has made, he will tell you the dollar amount to the penny, and to the minute.GREED, GEED, GREED!

If you are a woman,prepare to be one of the few , if not the only woman agent.

The harassment and rude remarks from T.J.Pass never lets up.

The most sickening thing about T.J.Pass is that he hides his greed and lies behind his claim to be a Christian.Very sickening!

The leads you get from America's Health Team are a joke.I saw some of the other complaints against America's Health Team.Many of the complaints mentioned the leads being a year old.This is true.Some of the leads are businesses that went out of business 2 years ago!

If you are an agent and and interviewing with AHT, you will be told a number of lies.They say you can expect to make $74.000 your first year.You will be lucky if you make 1/3 that amount.

If you are an agent,get out fast!

If you are a potential client, buyer beware!Greed and lies!

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9f0e5114, 2012-07-03, 04:47PM CDT

I am not sure how I have placed you you in a position to write this complaint. I am truely sorry for making you feel as if I was only concerned with money. I pray daily for God to show me who and how to be of service. I would like the chance to make right any wrong I have done. You have obviously trained with me, however I will always stand behind my word and please help me understand how I impressed these feelings upon you.


T. J. Pass


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