Sears - Sears makes break job a headache

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at 4:00pm CST by 97f46c40

Product: auto center

Company: Sears

Location: orange, ca, US

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(For those looking for short version, here it is: Day 1 sears messed up lug nut, Day 2 Sears messed up another lug nut, day 3 Sears messed up another 3 lug nuts, and Day 4 Sears wanted to put new lug nuts on, I wouldnt let them.. NO lug nuts were harmed after that. Plus, Sears said that I had METAL break pads (LIES). They will never admit mistakes, of course but they will say like most crooked mechanics its wear and tear haha in other words it wasnt me. My point - Dont use sears as they will try and take you )

It all started when I got new tires at sears a few month before. About a week ago I started to hear a grinding noise on a Monday, so I figured it was my front breaks because thats what it sounded like. Being cautions I just wanted to have it check since Im not an expert at auto repair. I took it to Sears Auto Center at The Village in Orange, Ca. I told them specifically about the noise and that I thought it was the breaks. So the guy said they could check it for me and had to check all the breaks as company policy for $15, from there they would advise me on what needed to be done. Ok I come back about an hour later and they tell me that all the breaks a shot they said the discs were fine but breaks were ? Metal ? well come back to this in a minute. He advised ceramic breaks would be better. I asked him, are you sure they are metal? I remember having the breaks changed (with father in-laws help) and I thought they were ceramic. Nope, they are metal they need to be changed and we can do it for $335?? Really! Of course I said no thanks her is $15 have a good day. Now, why did I go to sears in the first place you ask? Remember they are the ones where I got my tires. So when I went to check my front breaks I could not remove one of the lug nuts (Sears had cross threaded it). So as soon as I told these guys of that and I even dealt with the manager from the beginning he gave me some bull about how they had to do it with impact gun because its a 4000 pound car blah, blah, blah. But then they hand torque it to make surehmmm. So of course they had to order the part and I said I will pick it up tomorrow, fine. I told them from the FIRST day to had torque the lug nuts after they inspect my car please. Ok so I leave think great it is the breaks and I will do it. After I left sears it was already late that day. So I was going to do my breaks the next day. Low and behold, what happened they cross threaded another freaking lug nut, so I called and they are like uh ok well bring it in. This is my second trip to Sears for their mistake. I park the car in the bay and right away I get about 3 or 4 guys come at me what is going on what is the deal. So I say well you cross threaded another bolt and I told you guys to hand torque them. So one of the idiots apparently cant here well, so he comes with hand torque (with out checking proper pressure for the car) and starts to torque the wheel I pointed at and says there you go. I said, what are you doing? He looked at me like I was crazy and was like what did you want . I told you I cannot take a lug not off Im trying to do my breaks! He looked at me dumbfounded again and started telling the other guys no it was the other side that we worked on. I said YES, it was but now you messed up another one on the other side! Ok, so remember how they had ordered the lug nut (which I found out they use auto zone to get parts) they got the right one right. Ok so Im there and they said ok well order you another lug nut I will call you when its ready. So, I go walk around the mall and almost 2 hours go by and no call. I go back and they tell when I get there they said hey a couple more went bad so we need to order some but we will stay open and make sure it gets done tonight. Ok, well a couple more hours pass and he is like ok parts are here and they are working on it now. So he comes about half hour later or so and say ok so you know your car it has 2005 wheels on it mine Is a Nissan altima 2003? I said how is that if everything is stock. Well sometimes dealers will do that?? Hmmm ok so whats the problem well they brought us the lug nuts for a 2003 altima, but your car has the 2005 wheels. I said ok well, that makes no sense because you already ordered 2 lug nuts previously and they brought you the right ones. How is it that they brought you the wrong ones this time? Ok so, I left that night they took some lug nuts off other tires to compensate for the ones they had messed up. So I told myself finally I can do my breaks tomorrow and just pick up these lug nuts after and put them on myself. HEY GUESS WHAT! They messed up yet another lug and when I called Sears what does the manager tell me? Its the metal on these lug nuts they are not made very well.. blah blah, thats because these lazy idiots are still using an impact gun and just telling me that they are torquing it by had. This time when I went back I stayed in the garage and kept telling them I want you to just take the bad on off and Ill do the rest, well of course they messed up the stud (bolt that lug nut goes on) and they had to replace it. This time I stayed until (autozone) dropped off the stud and even then the manager kept saying Ill have these guys put on the lug nuts for you. By this time I had the new lug nuts (4 of them) in my trunk. He said hey give them the lug nuts so they can put them on. I said no, I will do it just replace the stud and hand torque the lug nuts on that one wheel. Then the manager said let them put all the new lug nuts on the one tire and they can put the other ones back on the 3 other tires. I said NO, I already changed my back breaks thats done leave those tires alone! So I stood there and watched them had tighten (without the impact gun) and finally next day I changed the breaks. Now by this time I already bought breaks form Auto zone, when I finally looked at the front breaks they were still good. So I got to thinking and I took the old breaks back to Auto Zone and they were still under warranty. So I got approx $97 back (spent about $100 on new ones). Only my back discs needed to be replaced and front ones turned, this came to about $87. So all told I spent about $90 for a break job that Sears wanted to charge me $330 for. These people are some of the best crooks you will find and maybe thats why they are going out of business from what I hear.


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