Progressive Insurance - Progressive Not Paying out Claims Fairly

Posted on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at 8:08pm CST by b794fee0

Product: Progressive Insurance

Company: Progressive Insurance

Location: claims department
savannah, ga, US


Category: Other

A driver whom was covered by Progressive struck my wife. The police report stated that it was Progressive's drivers fault. The company waited five days to put me into a rental car which was a major inconvenience for me. In addition, they finally called me stating that they were considering my truck a total loss. In doing so, they made me an offer of 4187.05 on a truck that has a NADA value of 5650. I have spoken with them several times about the issue with no satisfaction. They say that they do not use book value, but have a company get comparables to verify the value of my truck. The trucks that they got comparables on, were not in very good condition and most were not even my truck. I was then asked to turn in comparables that I found, which I did (13 of them) and they said they cannot use them because I searched a radius of 200 miles to find the trucks. At this point, I have heard nothing back from them and do not have a second automobile to drive. This company has treated me very unfairly and I am getting no where with them. I even made a counter offer of 4600 + salvage rights to settle, which they turned down. I feel like I am being pushed around and that there is nothing I can do about it. It was their drivers fault, why should I be put out because of this? The claim number for reference is 11-595-5768. It is my advice that anyone planning to use this company think twice because they are obviously only out for themselves and do not mind putting you out to satisfy their want for money.


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