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Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2012 at 11:16pm CST by max

Product: Gucci items

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Location: CHINA

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I recently discovered the website I had done a few days of browsing and adding things to my cart. I was a little cautious about spending too much money on a new website I've never bought from before. Especially if there are no previous reviews on the site. I added all my favorite items and planned to purchase one handbag to see if I like the quality of the bag. Then, if pleased with the merchandise I planned to slowly purchase several items at a time. But before I could even purchase anything I receive an email from an Asian man name "Michael Banks". Below are his emails to me to help you better understand the situation. Something is not right about this website harassing or pressuring me to purchase the items in my cart. Also, after threatening to write a review he suddenly changed his website from to I just wanted to warn others about trusting this website. I'm not sure how others would feel about this situation but this was my experience.

From: Michael Banks <[email protected]>;

To: <[email protected]>;

Subject: the order in cheapestgucci com

Sent: Tue, Jan 3, 2012 11:08:11 AM

Hi mmom, you made an order in our company,are you going to pay for the order? we take visa and western union, we can give you good discount if you are ready to pay for the order, hope to hear from you soon,thank you! Best regards! Michael




?????2012-01-04 16:30

???Re: the order in cheapestgucci com

????[email protected]



Hi! Oh what kind of discount are you talking about? I wanted to continue shopping and browsing before I checked out. Also, I still wanted to know if I could do a refund if I didn't like something I purchased? Anything can look good online but in person it might not look the same. So I'm just a little worried about spending so much from a site I've never ordered from before. I was thinking more about ordering one first to see how it looks. But how did you know I even had a cart? Didn't know I was being monitored....


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1/4/12 4:12 am Hi mmom, we have your order record on the website so i can see your order, I can do free shipping and give 5% off if you are ready to pay, OK? Im honest to do business, just hope to do long term business with you, thank you! hope to hear from you soon.Best regards! Michael

1/4/12 4:23 am sorry, we cant refund if you dont like, Please think over before you pay, if there is some mistake by us,such as wrong items or broken items, we will refund, but we cant refund if you dont like the items which you decide to buy. Ok?

1/4/12 4:29 am the order costs $670 total, give off the discount and shipping,Now you only need to pay $615 total, right? And tell me which payment term will you use?

1/4/12 4:49 am Hi u there? is it right?

1/4/12 6:09 pm OK, When will you get the order ready?

1/4/12 6:54 pm MY LAST REPLY TO HIM: "What is the deal with all the pressure?! You are making me feel uncomfortable. I never had so many emails and questions from a website before. I'm starting to get suspicious and feeling a little uneasy. Maybe I will not complete any order. This is very unprofessional and I will be writing a review."


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