Publisher's Clearing House - PCH at it Again

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 2:52pm CST by 36b80ad0

Product: Sweepstakes

Company: Publisher's Clearing House

Location: US


Category: Other

Recently I was playing one of the games on the site "pop and win". The games malfunctioned and did not let me play after several attempts. I contacted one customer service agent and she said that they were having a problem with the site. Fine. I contacted another agent and he told me that there never was a problem and that I had been able to use it although I know I couldn't. I asked him what other of their "games" I would not be able to use. A short time later PCH contacted me and said I would never be able to use their search and win (search engine that awards some prizes) due to "suspicious activity". I used the search engine in the past and their is not limit to how often you can use the engine. Infact if you don't win a prize after 25 searches you get a message encouraging you to play on. PCH is trying to stack the deck in what are already astronomical odds. Publisher's Clearing House is at it again. Its activities have been investigated by the state of Iowa and by several other states and entities.

I was reading another comment about PCH's sleaziness from another dissatisfied person and another person answered it by telling the complainant to "get a job" Really? So companies that don't require a fee to use like PCH aren't obligated to conduct themselves in an ethical way just like any other business. I don't buy that. Investigate PCH.


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