Belfort Instrument Company - Belfort DigiWx AWOS Fiasco

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Product: Digiwx AWOS

Company: Belfort Instrument Company

Location: 727 South Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD, 21231, US


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Have you heard about the Meadow Lake Airport AWOS Fiasco?

Quoting, reads in short:

"Executive Conclusion: Of the four candidate AWOS manufacturers, only two meet the threshold and objective system performance levels. These are systems provided by All Weather Inc (AWI) and Vaisala. The SuperAWOS by Potomac Aviation does not pass an initial cut due to maintenance problems encountered with their SuperUnicom installed at Meadow Lake airport."

"The Belfort Digi WX "AWOS" is not a true FAA fully commissionable AWOS. Its complete sensor suite is not certified. Installation of this system at 00V means that we would not have our weather data (METAR) accessible in the federal database which means that Flight Service and other sites such as ADDS, XM weather, WSI, etc would not not have Meadow Lake weather data. The only certified weather info would be altimeter and visibility. While this does allow Part 91 and 135 instrument approaches, the inability to incorporate its complete METAR data in the federal system is a deal-breaker."

"The apparent initial cost savings of the initial Belfort DigiWx acquisition is minimal and not worth the lack of functionality and usefulness to the national aviation community. Life-cycle cost of the Belfort system over 15 years is over $27,000 higher than the Vaisala system."

"It would not allow us to transition to a three letter airport identifier."

"Bottom line is that the Belfort system represents false economy, minimal pilot usefulness and is inconsistent with providing the aviation community services that make this airport attractive to current and future pilots and businesses."

"Of the remaining systems offered by AWI and Vaisala, Vaisala is the preferred system."

The complete report highlighting DigiWx shortcomings can be found at:

Here just a sampling of what some airports with DigiWx said in Ron Lee's report:

1) Greenville, IL (GRE): "prefer Vaisala"

2) Ingersoll Canton, OH (CTK): "pilots do not like it"

3) Lake In The Hills, IL (3CK): "wind speed info inaccurate. system goes down during every thunderstorm."

4) Central Maine, ME (OWK): "gives incorrect info. want to take it out."

5) Ravilli County, MY (6S5): "winds and temp are advisory in recording."

6) Ocean City, NJ (26N): "would get a Vaisala next time."

7) Darke County, OH (KVES): "not working yet on radio...only by phone."

And how about these "former" DigiWx AWOS sites which are no longer around:








Is this the kind of unreliable weather crap that the aviation community needs? I think NOT!

Belfort Instrument Company does business under several names including Gamma Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro, Road Vista, DigiWx and KR Acquisition Corporation.

And don't forget to google "Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS"

nota bene: Belfort Instrument Company figureheads (aka manipulators) are trying to censor anything "negative" or "derogatory" said about their company or products on the internet. When you "google" the company or it's owners, former presidents, and/or managers, you will see the search results "stacked" up front with profiles created on Businesscard2, Workface, Posterous, Twitter, Tumblr, Peoplepond, eMurse, CVshare, Ryze,, BigSight, Ziki, tBlog, Wordpress, Plaxo and Zing because they are trying desperately to BURY Belfort's and DigiWx's troubling and most disturbing past.

Will you allow Belfort's figureheads to "pull the wool" over YOUR eyes?



18e153f9, 2012-01-17, 02:33PM CST

LOOK at ALL these DigiWx AWOS sites which are no longer working:














14. http://www.digiwx-ps81.c0m

And how about these DigiWx AWOS sites displaying "CURRENT DATA NOT AVAILABLE"





Belfort only has approx 35 websites with current weather working, yet fully a third of "former" DigiWx AWOS sites no longer exist! That should serve as a WAKE-UP CALL for somebody, but apparently not for anyone at the Belfort Instrument Company!

f70b3425, 2012-01-19, 09:13AM CST


Date: 18 MAR 2006

Time: ca 14:48

Type: Beechcraft C.99

Operator: Ameriflight

Registration: N54RP

C/n / msn: U-218

First flight: 1983

Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-36

Crew: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 2

Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0

Total: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 2

Airplane damage: Written off

Location: 13 km (8.1 mls) SW of Butte, MT (USA)

Phase: En route

Nature: Cargo

Departure airport: Helena Airport, MT (HLN/KHLN), USA

Destination airport: Butte (Bert Mooney) Airport, MT (BTM/KBTM), USA

Flightnumber: 2591


The Beech 99 departed Helena (HLN) at 14:35 on flight to Butte (Bert Mooney, BTM) and was carrying only about 10 pounds of freight. The aircraft was cleared for the VOR B approach to Butte at 14:48. Butte controllers noted that a weather front that included icing conditions and heavy snow had been approaching the area from the south to the north/northeast even though a UNICOM-based Digiwx AWOS reported clear skies with good visibility and gentle winds in the mountains. During the descent, the airplane collided with trees and subsequently the terrain. Search crews found the wreckage of the plane on March 20. Upon investigation, one of the cockpit radio was found to be tuned to 123.0 MHz which is the airport's CTAF/UNICOM.

Preliminary results strongly suggest that the Beechcraft pilot received incorrect and faulty data from a Digiwx AWOS weather reporting station on the field at Butte (BTM) airport. FAA and NTSB continue to probe the weather data being disseminated from this Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS which had never been formally FAA commissioned. Cary Gates from the Northwest Mountain Region of the FAA in Helena, MT notes that the barometer setting is the only FAA Approved weather sensor on the Digiwx AWOS weather station; all remaining weather sensors on the Digiwx AWOS (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, dewpoint, relative humidity, visibility, ceilometer, density altitude, condensation altitude) are all "advisory." According to the FAA, "Advisory Use ONLY" means not for actual in-flight aviation use. It should be noted that Belfort Instruments website even makes mention in a disclaimer that "weather readings shown on the Internet are advisory only."

Sources: 2 killed in crash of cargo plane (Billings Gazette 20-3-2006); FAA NTSB

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