Travelers Insurance - Travelers Insurance and AAA Motor Club as Agent

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 at 7:16pm CST by f22b7027

Product: Home and Auto Insurance Policy

Company: Travelers Insurance

Location: Travelers Business Center - Post Office Box 59059
KNOXVILLE, TX, 37950-9059, US


Category: Business, Finances

In early October 2011 I was contacted by AAA Motor Club about purchasing a Home/Auto policy. After clearly and precisely stating (multiple times to ensure the agent understood) the requirments of a log home and the fact that most insurance companies do not insure, I must have an insurer for LOG HOMES. I also stated I had been with Geico for 13 years and did NOT want to change if there were any questions concerning my eligibility. I was assured by the rep that Travelers was my company and the policy was written to take effect Nov 2, 2011. I was contacted by the property inspector twice by phone, requesting directions (which I provided to a very broken English speaking person). With no follow-up I assumed the inspector found my home and didn't think of it again. On 12/29/2011 I received a letter from Travelers stating my policy was being cancelled because the Inspector couldn't find the property, to which I inquired via phone call to customer service, how the U.S. Postal Service can find me for three years but a foreign illegal worker could't "Will wonders ever cease?". I suggested they hire Americans instead! After going back and forth with the no-customer service rep, the customer rep asked to verify the information on file requesting the type of construction to which I replied "Is, has been and will always be a LOG CABIN which was clearly stated to the sales agent". His response was, Sorry, we don't insure Log homes (however they had no problem taking my money when they wrote the policy in 1 1/2 months earlier for a log home). After going almost ballistic, I contacted AAA for help, also speaking to Director of Insurance and leaving messages for the CEO. The Director acknowledged his department screwed up the sale but Travelers would not reconsider and there was nothing that could be done. Here went my home policy and my 13 year auto policy with Geico. After taking almost a day to find a combination policy with a new company I contacted Travelers customer no-service told them to shove it and send me a refund, and since they DON'T WRITE LOG HOMES, the refund should be in FULL. At this time they have not responded with a check nor have they apologised. My credit card charges have at this time been disputed. If you own a log home, do NOT purchase insurance with AAA nor Travelers unless you wish to be treated like a leper. I have a step by step record of the dates/times/and people I spoke to concerning this issue.


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