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Robert Allyn L., 2012-01-12, 09:18AM CST


Had it diagnosed at a non GM dealer and

then expect GM to pay. 1st time you did not follow GM warranty procedure as in your owners manual. Its GM's warranty so they get to set the rules.

Refused free tow, with a leaking fuel tank, I wonder how much fuel you spilled and what the enviromental fine is? This was just plain dumb. Most dealers (not all) would have offerd a loaner while the car was in the shop this time but you would rather drive a rolling bomb. Please paint your car bright safety orange so I know not to get near you.

Finally you think you deserve to harass the owner of the business because they couldn't "help" you (meaning pay for things you are not entitled to) after you refused to take advantage of the things they did offer.

And finally, NO you truck was not fueled to test, as they will have used the test system to do this. It was to try and make the drive and cost less onerous.

Good Luck, you need it.

guiseppe l., 2014-01-18, 11:11AM CST

My brother worked for a GM dealer and you would not believe the stuff they do. They will tell the customer anything they want to hear and sell them stuff they don't need. Judging by this nightmare you had it is pretty hard to just make up something like this. Dealers have different pay grades for mechanics so when a car is not fixed right the first time they cannot afford to put their best and highest paid mechanics on a job like this so they put the guy who gets the cheapest rate on a job like this because they are not making money. This explains why you drove off the lot with a car that was leaking gas. For them to test it takes time and time is money. They just assumed they fixed the problem so did not spend the extra time and money to test it properly according the GM training. When you brought it back the third time they probably gave you the mechanic that was making the cheapest rate again and who also was the most unexperienced because once again they were making no money from this third repair. Service managers are all about the bottom line because their bonuess depend on it

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