James Khedari - D2 Diesel Scam

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 at 8:19pm CST by 69c046e1

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Mr James Khedari introduced himself to our group as a oil trading and shipping professional. We assumed he is a professional because of his work for a big oil trader but but very quickly we realized that he is doing business on the side of his regular job and that this is of fraudulent nature. This was the deal he handed to us:

We were told that he knew of cargo that was not taken up by one of his clients but had to be moved quickly. 30,000 bbls of D2 priced at Platts -12/7 FOB Rotterdam.

We flew to London from Amsterdam to meet with Mr. James Khedari. The true nature of the deal and his true personality was revealed to us thereafter. He told us that he could not meet us at his office which we already deemed fishy. Then with loud, American arrogance and bossy behavior he tried to force us to accept the distressed cargo. High-pressure sales tactics combined with the promise that this opportunity is only available now to us and that we must act quickly made my partner question more critically and he asked him to show the following proof of product:

Dip Test Authorization

In Allocation Number

Tanker receipts

Charter Party Agreement

Copy of Export License

Copy of Export Permit

Mr. Khedari said that this was not a problem to show the documents and that he would send everything to us after our meeting. We asked him to go to his office and get it for us there and then as we had come all the way from Holland. He said he would do so and went off. Thereafter he disappeared His phone was off and all emails were left unanswered. We believe he may be aiding a ring of scammers.

We had wasted our time on this guy and two air tickets. We warn anyone to be more careful as it is likely that James Khedari is a fraud with the intention to scam.

For more information on the person see: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/james-khedari/4/619/a54

Diederik Hoedemaekers

Eramax Bunker Fuels Ltd


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