southwest airlines - southwest airlines does not care

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 1:28pm CST by 16c0a408

Product: southwest airlines

Company: southwest airlines

Location: TEXAS, US

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My gf father just died and she bought tickets for and her daughter to go see him before he dies which she had did not know would happen so soon. when she got the news she tried to cancel the tickets and have them applied to her new ticket for just her to help with the fuleral arangmets. the ticket cost was 3 times as much because of short notice. they could only apply one of the tickets to the cost as they are for two diferant people but baught by one?. flight gets canceled at airport because of weather and they do not offer any assitanse. i have alredy called and told them about the situation finaly someone offers her a hotel room at a nice hotel at a good price because of the death in the family. (cool) the next morning she is still tring to get home and when she asks about a eirlier flight she is told that she could get one but would have to pay extra. Mind you I have made many phone calls and they should have known that this was a bad situation for her. she stands up to them and they give it to her for the price she paid for the full price ticket so she will not have to rush at the next airport I would like to thank all the helpfull people at southwest airlines (NOT)


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