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I made a wire transfer deposit on this site for $2000 in Dec and it was completed in 5 days as per my bank. However, the funds were never accredited to my account and I was constantly told by their customer service that they are processing it, for over one month. After a month or so, I called my bank to start an investigation. Upon its completion, the bank informed me that the transfer was completed without any issues and the beneficiary should have the funds available. My bank advised me to file a fraud investigation and attempt to pull the funds back from the beneficiary.

My further attempts to contact betonline via email ([email protected]) have failed. On the phone they advise me to email them.

I now plan to close my account and also file complaints against them on some sites and against their domain with ICE - online site regulatory.


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2246fcb9, 2012-01-11, 05:35AM CST

Just adding to my post, my account number on the site is B247211.

2246fcb9, 2012-02-29, 11:02PM CST

I was told that due to some internal issues, they have closed my account and decided to keep the money "until" the problem is resolved. However, there is no possible resolution and so they have kept the money.

john p., 2013-08-07, 06:11AM CDT

Check this out,

I did some analyzing on the poker software, the flops , the turn, and the river, and the hands that were being played.

Here are my findings.

After 7056 hands that were analyzed by me a MIT graduate.

67.81% of the time there are doubles on the flop.

78.69% of the time when there is more then three people in the hand doubles hits the flop.

72.99% of the time the worst starting hand ends up winning the hand.

89.23% when you are dealt one of the five big starting hands, AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK , someone else was dealt one of the five with 67.77% of the time the lower end hand wins.

48.49% of the time on the flop will come three of the same suite with 89.91% of someone hitting a flush.

23.00% of the time in a game you will see quads from three different people in a ten man tournament.

87.81% of the time when short stacked and your dealt a very good hand, AJ, A10,AQ,AK. and you go all in with one caller with a big stack, the big stack wins. 87.81% do you believe that one.

There is a lot more I could tell you people that I analyzed but you get the picture.

This site is rigged so bad that they don't even try to hide it, it takes someone like me to do the math and expose this cheating no good site.

Stay clear from this site ,trust me my math is always right.

Now go to poker odds and see the real odds on everything i just gave you, no where even close to what this crooked site is dealing to people.

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