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Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 11:52am CST by ba6c76cd

Product: Yasni People Search

Company: Yasni

Location: yasni GmbH Lyoner Str. 14 HRB 81064
Frankfurt am Main, 60528, DE

URL: http://Yasni.com/

Category: Other

Steffen R??hl (Steffen Ruehl in US spelling) has set up a website known as Yasni People Search. The website searches multiple sources including Usenet archives and presents the data in a portfolio style under YOUR NAME.

ANYONE can steal your name and create a profile in Yasni. They then effectively own your name in Yasni and have a degree of control over the rankings of all items related to your name. This is called IDENTITY THEFT and there is absolutely no provision against it.

The business model for Yasni is to embarrass you into handing over cash to have a small amount of control of the rankings of links to sites containing your name (whether it really is you or not in the websites and whether or not you have hijacked someone's name for whatever reason).

Many items included in Yasni's search results are not available via Google, but are only searchable via Google Groups, for example, and as such should NOT be listed in Yasni if they are not accessible via Google search in the first instance.They refuse to remove any content related to your name as they are "just a search engine and have no control".


Your kids, your colleagues, your friends, they can all now Google your name, find Yasni, and see every page ever created with your name in it - presented as a portfolio that anyone can hijack, and YOU have ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONTROL over it.

for the benefits of the search engines (and subsequent archiving at their own website), here are their names:

Steffen R??hl (CEO)

Martin Hetzner (Legal)

Jana Schneider (Content Removal)

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b4bdeb07, 2012-06-17, 09:56AM CDT

My book illustration, artwork and photos have been stollen from my Flickr site and credited to three other people. Oi have been trying for months to fix this. I am about to hire a lawyer.

Can you help?


June Atkin


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