J Dalton Construction - Unprofessional Roofing Company

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 10:56am CST by 79f5e5a9

Product: Roofing/Construction

Company: J Dalton Construction

Location: 811 S Central Expressway Suite 444 Richardson, TX 76080

URL: http://www.jdaltonconstruction.com/

Category: Building, Construction

This company is incredibly unreasonable and unprofessional. As a neighboring resident of someone getting their roof done by this company I am appalled at how disrespectful and insensitive they are. First of all, they began their incessant banging before 9am in the morning. When you work nights, this is in the middle of your night's sleep. Secondly, instead of using a broom to remove unwanted old nails from the roof (which would be more quiet) they use their hammers to bang items all the way down the roof. There were 7 men on the roof using hammers as brooms. This is ridiculous! I noticed on a blog for this company on the web that they give you a coupon for pizza for referring a new client? Really? Do they have to bribe people to get new customers? That business practice should speak for itself - using gimmicks to grow a business. I think people see through all that. Quality of the product or service and customer service should grow a business. Oh, and beware, on this particular job some of the workers did not speak English. This made communication difficult. J Dalton Construction is not recommended at all.


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R. T., 2012-11-29, 12:56PM CST

Con-men or out of business? Won't answer e-mails, phones are disconnected. The Project Manager "Shawn Brooks" is as smooth a con as I've ever seen. "BEWARE" !!!!

Larry M., 2012-11-29, 07:29PM CST

They stole $9000 from us. Won't return calls or our money!!

Andy S., 2012-12-07, 11:44AM CST

They stole $6500 from me! They are not returning calls, emails or any form of communication. I visited their office and the door is locked with a notice from the leasing company attached to the door.

681ce50f, 2012-12-09, 04:09PM CST

Regarding Jdalton Construction everyone who is owed money or a roof replacement. After extensive investigation, I have found out who the owners real is. He went by Richard Rinaldi here is Dallas,TX. His actual name is Richard Rinaolo living in Lake Forest,Illinois. He is currently in the Cook County Jail in Illinois for Financial Identity Theft. He has used his Jdalton Construction employees, salesman and staff without them knowing his intentions. Please contact and report your issue to the authorities. myself being A former employee contacted the Texas Rangers Division of Law myself.

Larry M., 2012-12-10, 06:25AM CST

I would invite anyone interested in filing criminal and civil charges against J Dalton and the owner to contact me at [email protected] Perhaps we could split legal fees.

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