Opex - Opex Mail False Advertising Moorestown NJ

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 6:32am CST by 32a0c5d5

Company: Opex

Location: Moorestown, NJ, US

URL: http://www.opex.com/

Category: Other

The Opex Service in Moorestown NJ is awful. Their Opex Mailroom Mail Scanner Machines are a ripoff. Beware. Their sales is full of false marketing hype. Worst ever in service. They don't honor their service mail contracts. They make you believe they offer quality mailroom service when they don't. Be careful your mail scanner machine breaks down. They won't be their to honor their mail contracts or repair the mailroom machine. Opex is the worst in mail service I have ever seen. Opex is nothing but dishonest people who wouldn't know quality mail service from anything.


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