Online Business Systems - Income At Home is a SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 11:31am CST by 616d2353

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Company: Online Business Systems

Location: 7017 160th Street
E Hastings, Mi, 55033, US


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5 months ago,in September 2011, I took a chance and ordered the $9.95 information packet to find out how to make extra money from home through this program. I usually ignore these websites as scams, but it was advertised by one of the Steve Harvey Morning Show Deejays on (which gave it some legitimacy in my mind). Anyway, it turned out they lied about not having to sell anything so within only 6 days, I emailed Mandy Lewis advising her that I was returning this crap and had no interest in selling anything. No email response or phone calls indicating that she did not receive what I told her that I had returned. I also received confirmation from the post office that she received my package. Just yesterday, February 7th, $39.95 was taken from my bank account by this woman. I have filed a dispute with my bank and emailed her regarding returning my money. They do not answer the phone either. Many websites state that incomeathome is not a scam, they just simply are recruiters for herbalife. However, my definition of scam is when you lie about what you want me to do and continue to use my card information to get UNAUTHORIZED monies from my account. Therefore, yes it is a scam!


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