BB&t Bank - Do Not do business with BB&t bank!

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 6:41pm CST by 1ababaf8

Product: Financial services

Company: BB&t Bank

Location: Unknown, they have very few branches.
Pa, Unknown, US


Category: Other

Last year I had thought about opening a new bank account during the big "get rid of your big bank day"

I applied online to BB&t, then had decided to stay where I was and informed them both in writing and via their email site. I thought that was it. Then I found out through my bank they not only ignored my requests, but this bank illeagally debited money from my account and actually tried to CLOSE my existing account.

I alerted my bank's fraud department and law enforcement. My attorney recommended that I go to the nearest brsnch (14 miles away) to personally retrieve the misappropiated funds. The bank personnel were already aware of the situation and did return the funds via cash they took and closed the account and provided me the receipts showing the account closed. Again, I thought that was it. Today (02/08/2012) I recieved a statement from these same people showing a negative $60.00 balance!

After much difficulty getting through on the phone, I was finally able to get through and a spoke to a Norma who then transferred me to a "supervisor" named Sharon who wouldn't give me her last name. She indicated to my understanding that this account was still open!

I gave her until Friday noon to solve this problem, remove my name from their mailing lists otherwise there would be repercussions.


1)The people I had spoken to do not seem to be interested in solving this problem. If anything, they came accross as ostriches trying to bury their heads.

2) The man I originally spoke to from this bank last year said he was going on "vacation" that evening. (could it be after I told him about the police report?) Because he was back at work the next day. (interesting)

3)I decided to stay with the big banks, they appear to have better resources.

I do not expect these people to deal with this problem. So I will ask for more charges to be levied against them. In order to be fair, I gave them until Friday noon (02/10/2012) to deal with this.


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