Microsoft - complaint

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 11:08pm CST by ade12708

Product: HP

Company: Microsoft

Category: Internet Services

Was having trouble sending & receiving email. Was told it was not my server it was Microsoft's problem. After contacting Microsoft they told me it was HP problem. We paid HP $60.00 to trouble shoot as they suggested & they told us it was our providers problem. I then contacted my Granddaughter & she entered my computer & found that I somehow blocked hot mail & g mail. I called HP back & told them my Granddaughter found the problem & they asked what I wanted them to do. I said I would like a refund of my $60.00 & they asked why. I said =93you did not find the problem which was a simple matter & they told me to bad. What a rip off. My Granddaughter is not a computer expert & she could find the problem I really feel HP should have. They did ask how she found the problem & I replied I guess she is smarter then your experts. What do you think!!!!!!!


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