Reser Bikes - Northern Kentucky Bike Store Ripoff

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 11:37am CST by 891ec193

Product: Orbea Cyclocross Bike

Company: Reser Bikes

Location: 648 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY, 41071, US


Category: Other

I made a deposit to Reser and was not provided the service that I was purchasing, a Cyclocross bike. Reser did not order the bike due to their business practices and was unable to provide the bike. This was the third bike that was ordered from the organization that missed the promised delivery date. The manufacturer of the first bike even provided complimentary merchandise intended for me, which the owner kept for himeself. In addition, I purchased a set of wheels and after receiving permission to return them, did not receive the full value back that was paid. I was promised a discount on a new pair of shoes, that were purchased to replace a poor set that were also purchased from the organization, but the owner forgot about offering the discount and would not honor it - a common practice with the store. Finally, when the store did provide a refund, he insisted on putting it on a credit card, as opposed to a check so that he would get a rebate on his transaction fees, even though the original payment was in cash/check. To add insult to injury, I have had to spend greater than $2000 to resolve bike assembly and bike fitting issues - The two bikes that we took receipt were not properly assembled causing a number of safety issues. The bike fit provided by the owner and his staff were grossly inaccurate, causing us to have to buy new stems and handlebars for both bikes. Thank you.

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70afe6f8, 2012-03-23, 10:26PM CDT

The Better Business Bureau closed this complaint after they reviewed that we had made a good faith effort to resolve the problem.

I had all paperwork and records to show that we handled the business properly, which proved the customer had made untrue statements.

The customer was also unable to provide receipts to the BBB for the bike assembly issues. He had also raced on the bikes several times before this complaint started.

When the final order from the customer was made, the bike was mis-directed by UPS to an Amazon warehouse. I drove the customer to the warehouse in my vehicle where the attendant was very nice and accommodating, but the customer was embarrassingly rude to her.

On the way back, the customer talked about how he liked working at a big company himself, where he could wield power over people and make them do what he wanted, even if it was troublesome and unfair.

I believe this may be one of those power plays.

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