ATT Wireless - ATT Watch Out!

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 6:52am CST by de005aff

Product: Cell phhone number

Company: ATT Wireless

Location: Colonie, NY, Ne, 12205, US

Category: Other

I had my cell and my children's on a friends account for several years. His business just went banrupt and he stopped paying the bill. When I tried to transfer the 3 numbers of mine into a seperate account, they would not give us our phone numbers "until the bill was paid." This appears to be a way to collect on someone else's bill, which I am not responsible for. I have good credit and need my phone number for my private business. Funny how they never mentioned this when our 3 lines were added to this account, rather than have me go elsewhere. ANOTHER example of UNDERHANDED ATT TACTICS. You would think they would want the business of a new family plan with 3 lines, wouldn't you? As I said, I have impeccable credit. They are a joke...stay away.


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