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Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 3:08am CST by 41e8dbd8

Product: Acer Timeline Series laptop (SERIAL NO.- LXPSN010090320FD902500)

Company: Acer

Location: IN


Category: Other

i Angel Jain, hv purchased an acer laptop (SERIAL NO.- LXPSN010090320FD902500) on 04/03/11....n jst after 5 months of purchase its starts generating problems. I logged my compaint twice at acer technical support n once at their complaint id (i.e. [email protected]) but am vry disappointed by the kind of service acer ppl are providing. Baisically i hv three issues going on with ma laptop right now...

1. some of the keys are not working

2. an abnormal blurred block is coming on 1/4 of ma screen &

3. the system hang every alternate minute just after a start (wid 4GB RAM n a core 3 processor..??) after wic i hv to restart it n dn it hangs again.

so all in all ma laptop is jst useless within its warranty period + thanks to d kind of service acer is providing....its nt even being used from sept2011....

a guy frm acer agra service center (AS Computers Services Ltd) visited for onsite warranty bt acc. to him its a physical damage. few days before i jst close d lid of ma laptop during night n in d morning its al blurred. i jst cant understand how can d screen of the laptop be damaged jst by closing d lid (n nt in a rough manner at all). there is not even a single scratch either on the outer body or on any other part of it caz it jst happens like dat n i even dnt understand how. i even send few snapshots of my laptop screen so as to make acer ppl convinient to understand the problem properly n act upon it sensibly.

i hv registered my online complaint via mail on 9th jan & received a further mail from some Mona Shinde (Acer E-mail Support (Laptop, Consumer DT & Projector) ) which states that "We really regret for the inconvenience, however the same has been forwarded to the concerned dept & will resolve the issue up to your satisfaction"

but after that i hvnt received ny further mail from acer and wnevr i called acer on the no's given below the mail to know about the status of my complaint...evrytime the TSO ppl give me the assurance that your complaint have been forwarded further by our mail department and you will receive a satisfation mail today itself from that never happens.

basically i am fed up of complaining to acer as they didnt respond properly and the kid of service acer technical support guys are providing is more than useless caz they dnt know hell about anything and wnevr u ask them 2 tranfer the cal to some higher authority or jst provide some no. on which a person can check the status of their complaint, they are jst incapable of doing ny of those....

and as far as my complaint is concerned, i think acer ppl are jst waiting for my laptops warranty period to pass away, so dat i dnt hv any further reason 2 complaint about.

i am forwarding u this mail so as to let acer higher authorities know that customers are suffering by the kind of service acer india is providing and act positively upon dat as soon as possible. And it vl be gud if they jst let me know whether they are capable or not to act on my complaint before my laptops warranty period expires.


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batchu s., 2013-08-09, 11:11PM CDT


i would kindly bring to your notice that there is no proper acer services available in vishakapatnam.

complaint- the lappy is not able to start up.when approached service centre they said there is a problem in motherboard.

i have a warranty of 1 year.

haris p., 2013-08-19, 05:10AM CDT


haris p., 2013-08-19, 06:04AM CDT

haris p., 2013-08-19, 05:10AM CDT


Arjun dubey, 2013-10-20, 11:37PM CDT

my laptop serial no-NXM12SI023251157951601

I have all ready report my complained to the customer care and i got 452567i complain id so their is a problem in my charger i had complained for this at Kanpur but i want my charger at Agra because currently i am in Agra so this is my humble request to you please transfer my complain from Kanpur to Agra and sent me the feed back for this

kaushik B., 2014-03-07, 08:52AM CST

I bought acer v5 last year on 1 april 2013,and one side of my speaker got i would be glad if u wouldmmend my lapton and would also fix problems which is hampering my system.

7f7166f8, 2014-07-18, 02:00AM CDT

ai am purchase a laptop from compurt gallery agra on date 29 july 2014

my laptop screen could not working properly

when complent logging for this problem so i am suffer from 1 week please do some action

7f7166f8, 2014-07-18, 02:13AM CDT

serial no-nusgysi01425118e313400

acer laptop doesnt working propoerly

Harsh S., 2014-08-06, 03:16AM CDT

My acer laptop is restarting and also machine is in 3yrs onsite warranty bt coustmer care excutive is sayin dat this is not in warranty. How is that posible??

my lappy S/N: NXM09S10332511F6A61601

MDL NO. E1-571

Dreamboy, 2014-10-08, 01:48AM CDT


To the Acer

My laptop ( NXM12SI0273240E0973400) warranty of my laptop was ended on 29th September. I was calling to the customer care till 28th September due to some technical problems of my laptop but there was server down and call is on waiting continuously nobody was response me. Now what can I do

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