Walmart - Walmart doesn't want my money...

Posted on Sunday, February 5th, 2012 at 3:53am CST by d2632c54

Product: Samsung Blu-Ray Player

Company: Walmart

Location: 1650 West Valencia
Tucson, Ar, 85746, US


Category: Other

I'm not trying to be whiney here but I feel like businesses should offer better customer service. I was at Wal-Mart looking for a Blu-Ray player and I was a little short on time. So I found a good deal on a Samsung I saw displayed. But there was no box for the player below the display, or around it at all. There were only other players. But I wanted what I saw on display, and was willing to pay. Well, there was not a soul around to help me so I asked the cashier in Electronics. (I had just been to Best Buy where you can't turn the corner without an employee asking if you need help. Example of good customer service by the way). She followed me to the display after I asked if I could get help finding the player. She said she'd be right back and left me there standing for about ten minutes. Okay not too terrible... She eventually came back with a scanner and after a couple of minutes fiddling with it, scanned the upc under the display of the player. She looked at her scanner and said that one should be out on the shelf, quickly looked at the shelf, and said "but I don't see it". I asked if they sell the display model and she quickly said no. She said the one that should be on the shelf is probably in a cart that would be back for stocking eventually, and said that if she were me, she would come back later. Before finishing this sentence she walked away and started helping another customer. No offer to check in the back. Nothing. The blu-ray player that should be there is in mystery land, and I can't buy it. Like I said at the beginning I was short on time and wanted what was supposed to be there, and obviously didn't get much help finding it. My conclusion is that Wal-Mart DOESN'T really want my money. Which is fine with me, I'll give it to someone who does. I'll probably be purchasing said blu-ray player from Great customer service, that Amazon...


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