Sprint made up charge for 10 days service

Posted on Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at 7:37pm CST by e1506193

Product: cell phone service

Company: Not Available

Location: London, KY, US

URL: http://www.sprint.com/

Category: Other

I cancelled my Sprint service after 10 days of poor quality two bars and lots of dropped calls! So Sprint sends me a bill for $141.86 after only 10 days of use.. OK, I then called customer service ( 888-211-4727 ) over and over again and was told they had to adjust the bill, they never did. Mean while my account is closed. One month later I am getting calls from a collection agency(NCA). BAD business, bad customer service, bad altogether. Beware! don't sign up for Sprint they Stink.

Bordering on Crime.


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