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Posted on Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at 6:28am CST by ed21bad4

Product: Homepage Graphic Slider Installation

Company: A&M Studio

Location: Internet
Internet, In, Internet, US

URL: http://www.anmstudio.com/

Category: Other

I posted an advertisement on Craigslist looking for someone to install a basic homepage graphic slider. Aaron Guldager from A&M Studios contact me and told me that he has experience and can do it right away. He started the work in the middle of the night and when I awoke told me he was finished and that its done. When I looked at the site he put the slider not just on the home page but on each and every page of the website. This included the checkout page which caused insecure pages to pop up and likely cost me money as customers likely did not place orders. I am not sure how he did not know that he did this. His work also cause other site problems including broken image zoom and other cosmetic issues.

I informed him of this and then 2 days later he put the slider in the right place however was halfway down the page. For some reason he had tons of spaces between the site logo and the slider. I had someone else fix this because Aaron wrote an email saying that it took him forever to do this and that he should have asked for more money. Not sure why he didn't know this and ask for more upfront rather than do a crappy job.

A few weeks later a simple google verification line of code needed to be added to the site. When it was this "slider" disappeared. I copied the original code and replaced it but still did not come back. I contacted Aaron to ask him to fix it and he asked me for more money. I was desperate but paid him anyway.

Again overnight he did the work and got the slider to show but had the same gaps that he did the first time. It later disappeared again when I went to make an unrelated change in the template (again backing up the file and then replacing it back in) I contacted my shopping cart host who basically told me that the developer rigged the slider in incorrectly and that anytime I make a change it will disappear and only he will know how to fix it. I did not hear back from A&M Studios all day so emailed them again asking them to fix the slider so that it works and does not have spaces. This was the response:

"I'm super slammed right now. I don't have the time to be looking at this stuff for free." For free? I paid him additional money to fix what shouldnt have had to be fixed to begin and he doesnt fix it and then gives the line above. I contacted him explaining that I did pay him and that it needs to be fixed long term and not just a fix that only he can do when a change is made.

He told me to find someone else to help and refused to refund any of the money. Stay away from this guy Aaron and A&M Studio. He is an amateur and does horrible work and offers no support for their work even when they do horrible work to begin with. Total rip off web developer, web designer, blog creator. etc. Would never use Aaron Guldager oe A&M Studios for anything. TOTAL RIP OFF FRAUD DEVELOPER


20fc93ea, 2012-02-04, 06:56AM CST

Heh, just received an email notifying me of this complaint.

Sorry you feel that way Brett. I see your promised slander campaign has started, lol.

Needless to say this complaint is riddled with exaggerations and some falsifications.

I'm only replying to this in case somehow a prospective customer were to stumble across this.. As a freelance developer, I work with several different agencies, several of which are well established and would happily provide a referral in my favor.

Cheers! ;)

Aaron Guldager



2f541274, 2012-04-19, 04:13PM CDT

I can speak from experiences that Aaron is a professional and does what he says when he says. I look forward to many more partnerships with him.

Thanks Aaron!

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