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Posted on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 11:26pm CST by 1fd57b2d

Product: Dell Computer

Company: Dell

Location: US


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12/26/2011 Placed the order for 2 new computers. Oh happy day!!

1/2/2012 Received an email from Dell Hey look at these great savings why dont you buy a new


1/12/2012 Shipment Delayed 1 Computer on 1/24/12 1 Computer 0n 1/31/12 Odd same

computers same order date, different delivery dates.

1/19/2012 Shipment Delayed 1 Computer on 1/31/12 1 Computer 0n 2/02/12 Odd same

computers same order date, different delivery dates.

1/26/2012 Shipment Delayed Both computers 2/2/12 At least theyll arrive on the same day.

2/01/2012 I computer has shipped and the other is delayed until 2/8/12.

In all fairness to Dell, the second computer did arrive 2 days before the scheduled date of 2/8/2012. The only problem was that the video card in this unit did not work I guess they didnt have time to test it what with all the other delays, Im sure they didnt want to be late for the fifth time. So now we have the next pleasure of waiting for a tech to come to my house and install a new video card. Just dont have a warm fuzzy feeling when a $4,000.00 investment shows up after 4 delays and does not work.

2/13/2012 We have our visit finally from the Alien Ware tech after replacing the video card and motherboard with no results, he finds that Dell forgot to load any software onto the hard drive.

Tell me Dell, how would you rate your performance?

I think Ill post this where millions can view it what do you think you should be proud of how well you kept me informed of your failures?

I anxiously await your response.

I have completed their customer survey more than 2 weeks ago and I have sent this summary to Dell - I have still not received any response from Dell.


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