Telus - Infuriating Telus Expirence

Posted on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 3:11pm CST by 79dc4039

Company: Telus

Location: St. John's, Ne, CA

Category: Other

My boyfriend was looking for a new cellphone contract, and our first stop was Telus, because I wanted to stay away from Bell (who I'm with). The young man who served us was seemingly trying to just get his commission, which is fine, really. It seemed that everything he said sounded amazing, and he never said the real price about anything. This is something that I was on my guard about, because I used to be in sales, so I asked the right questions and got the correct prices (At one point he said that if you get the warranty "whatever happens, you get a new phone, no questions asked for free." The real policy is that, if you damage the phone, you have to pay 150 dollars for a replacement, and you have to pay 8 dollars a month for the coverage. This isn't what bothered me the most though (even though it really did bother me). This young man performed a credit check on my boyfriend without notifying him. We were clear in saying that all up front charges must be transferred to the first bill, as we had no method of payment on us at the time. The amount owed instantly went from nothing to us having to pay 200 up front. I asked him why, and he said, "according to your credit check..." He had not even said that he was performing a credit check, let alone asked for permission. I was infuriated. It is AGAINST THE LAW to do this. This is clearly a lack of training or supervision. I was later informed that there is a prompt on the screen at this point of the transaction that states weather or not you have notified the customer of a credit check. This means that he selected the option that he did in fact notify us, when this was not the case. I honestly could not have been more angry. The overall impression of this employee, from avoiding the real prices of things (from adding tax, to what the warranty includes, to omitting the fact that there is a start up free etc.) to not notifying us of a credit check was, to employ understatement, not good.


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