Wells Fargo Bank (Wachovia) - Wells Fargo Bank - The New License Police?!

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 8:03pm CST by 80f03476

Company: Wells Fargo Bank (Wachovia)

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Meriden, CT, 06450, US

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On February 20, 2011, I FINALLY received a check in the mail for $25 after 1 whole year of fighting to get my money back because Register.com charged me a late fee ($25) for not renewing my domain name.

The ????????fighting???????? involved multiple emails back and forth from Register.com and myself and they even claimed I had them listed as SPAM ???????? why would a customer have their own registrar listed as SPAM?!...moving right along???????

I had to involve the Better Business Bureau (filing a formal complaint) and Consumer Affairs. I even had to involve the State Attorney????????s office in New York regarding this. Nonetheless, after a full year, I received my $25 back.

In my attempt to cash it at Wells Fargo bank (formerly Wachovia), the teller indicated he could not cash it because my license had expired. I had explained to the teller that I lost my license and I kept this one (the expired one) in the event I needed it for ????????identification purposes????????. I also advised the teller that I put an order in through Florida for a replacement license, but because my license was expired, they could not cash it.

Let me tell you???????.I have been unemployed for over 3 years now??????? I do not have a sustainable income and my unemployment benefits expired months ago so travelling 12 miles one way to a bank with almost no gas in my truck to be told ????????no???????? due to license expiration is absolutely ludicrous! Since when does Wells Fargo become the license police?! Although my license was expired, I had put in for a replacement ???????? does this mean I am no longer Bruce Lavigne?! My license is not used to drive a bank vehicle ???????? my license is used for ????????identification purposes???????? to identify the license holder against the name on the check.

What I had to go through???????.what I had to put up with ???????? just to get my $25 back after a whole year and to travel to a bank (24 mile trip) with almost no gas to be told NO because they don????????t recognize someone who isn????????t legal to drive (although I was because I printed out my replacement license documentation to carry with me and to show my license expired in 2019) is absolutely unacceptable! To treat a customer in this manner demands answers and I am consumer with a valid complaint against a bank who basically ????????slapped me in the face???????? with this situation.

Just wanted to share this with someone who may actually care how institutions are treating customers???????

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Becky H., 2014-07-07, 10:32PM CDT

If your license is expired they cannot cash your check if its your sole form of identification.

Why didn't you just deposit the check and then take out the funds the following day after the check had cleared?

And why not get a new license / or identification card?

Don't blame the bank for requiring current and proper identification from their customers. This practice protects my money as well as many others. I am quite glad for it.

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