Tech Value Direct - Tech Value Direct - SCAM ALERT!

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 10:22am CST by 81f89ba1

Product: Adobe software

Company: Tech Value Direct

Location: 19706 One Norman Blvd Suite 239
Cornelius, NC, 28031, US


Category: Other

Buyer Beware!

My suggestion to any would be consumer, is to completely avoid Tech Value Direct Inc.


Here's my 100% negative experience with this company:

I used my credit card to purchase a serial key via their website for Adobe software. I received an invoice stating: "your instructions will be received shortly via the email that you provided" but I never received the instructions. I contacted Josh to notify him of the issue and he told me to look for it the next day and let him know if I didn't get it. When it didn't come, I notified him and didn't hear back from him at all.

I called and left 2 messages stating that I wanted someone to call me back and let me know what was going on. The next day I received an email from someone named Amanda who said that she was on call, and because their office was closed that she could only offer a refund. I told her I would wait until noon of Monday for someone to contact me.

I then waited the rest of Friday, Sat, and Sun. 12:00pm Monday came and went but no one contacted me so I sent them an email and gave them one last chance asking them to respond immediately. An hour later I got a response from Amanda who said that Josh would give me an update that day(Monday). I let her know that it was too late, I gave Josh 5 days to respond to an issue on a $800 dollar purchase. That's MORE than enough time for him to get back to me.

I'm currently waiting for a full refund, but I initiated the dispute process with my card company anyway because Tech Value Direct has shown themselves to be unreliable and untrustworthy.

This should be more than enough reason to re-think a purchase from Tech Value Direct.


15b6030c, 2012-02-28, 10:52AM CST

Everything stated within this customer's negative experience is true. There were issues with his order being completed in the timely manner of which he required.

For this issue, we offered and issued a full refund of his purchase. If our company was a 'SCAM' as he states in his heading, what would be the 'SCAM' of charging someone for their product, paying a processing fee, then returning the purchase cost, and paying another processing fee. This would not be very successful.

We have been in business for a good while now and pride ourselves in excellent customer service. We have thousands of happy customers and customers that return and keep coming back.

We extend our apologies to this customer and are very sorry that this was not a satisfactory experience. I hope that we, as a company, can learn from this issue and take more appropriate urgency next time.


TVD INC Customer Feedback

81f89ba1, 2012-02-29, 10:18AM CST

Fact: Tech Value Direct sells discount Adobe software. I purchased the download option for $799.20 and was sent a confirmation that stated I would receive download instructions "shortly". My credit card was charged at that time. I never received the instructions. I never received a return phone call. I never received an explanation as to what happened with my purchase and why.

I have since received a full refund for the purchase amount. I still have not received any explanation as to what happened with the purchase of the product or why I never received it.

I stand behind the "Scam Alert!" warning to any potential consumers of Tech Value Direct.

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