No Limits Equestrians - No Limits Equestrians - Owes money - Not an LLC

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 12:56pm CST by 0487bda5

Product: Equestrian Services and Lessons

Company: No Limits Equestrians

Location: Erie, Co, US


Category: Other

Owner borrowed money from me. When it came time to repay, she declined and cut all communications. Per written agreement, owner owes money for services not rendered. Forced to file legal complaint against company. No response from owner.

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a49471b4, 2012-02-28, 05:55PM CST

The person filing this complaint pre-paid for a 1/2 lease on a horse, broke the lease, bought her own horse and asked me to give her lessons for the balance on the lease. She set up several lessons and made excuse after excuse as to why she needed to cancel them. I cut off communications after she threatened to sue me several times and sent texts to me in the middle of the night as well as tried to scare my husband with her texts threatening to sue. My attorney advised me not to speak to her and she is to deal ONLY with my attorney - never to speak to me or my family again. A legal offer was made by my attorney to settle and was refused. Now the former client goes around to various websites and complains, sends texts to other clients of mine threatening them with court if they say anything that she doesn't agree with. Even the BBB has closed their complaint file stating that I did everything I could to resolve the issue.

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