Citywide Garage Door Co.,Inc - Bad Garage Door Installation

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 4:13pm CST by 430781d2

Product: Garage Door Amarr Model #1000

Company: Citywide Garage Door Co.,Inc

Location: 2001 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA, 15210, US


Category: Other

Do not use Citywide Garage Door in Pittsburgh (On Brownsville). Our garage door was installed less than 3 years ago and is now broken. It would not go down and now has dents in between each panel. 2 of their guys came out today and said they've never seen anything like it. The warranty they offer is only 1 year, so we are forced to purchase a new garage door. The installation is bad and they will not offer any assistance. Very horrible customer satisfaction. Please look for another company for your garage door needs.

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f7105d5a, 2012-02-29, 07:54AM CST

Two mechanics did come out to assess damange to the economy non insulated garage door and found damage, including holes that ressembled a flat head screwdriver punctered from the outside in, also there were large dents seemingly from the exterior to the interior of the door. Unfortunetly, after the fact we were not able to determine the exact cause of damage, however our workmanship and the original installation was done correctly and there were no service problems or complaints from the orginal purchaser since the installation on 5/27/2009. Warranty issues do not cover dents in doors regardless of how they occured. We quoted the above complaintant a reduced cost to replace the damaged sections. This situation is unfortunate and uncommon. We stand behind the products and services we offer, and we try to make every attempt to resolve any problems our customers may have.

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