AT&T Home Service

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 8:26pm CST by e1b0746d

Product: Home Service

Company: AT&T Home Service

Location: US


Category: Other

I called AT&T on December 30th 2011 to change to the bundle package. I was told that my home number would be working after I went out and bought and bought a box for the service. So here I go. get home and call the 800 number for service only to be told again that the service would not begin until after jan.26, 2012. Spoke with a Supervisor, reported the girl whom gave me false information and was promised by the same supervisor that all service has been canceled. Ask her several times and the supervisor repeatedly stated that all services are canceled! here comes Jan 26th 2012. No home number, the number was disconnected! called AT&T, after being hung up on several times, telling my story and yes by now I can write a book, yet nothing has happened as to date today. But AT&T did find time to send me a big bill over $250.00. My number goes to guard gate, so I guess now, I have to call the gaurd gate to cancel and change my number. All this time from jan.26th up to date NOW, I have spoken to several different operator's, supervisor's, yet no home phone to date! The number is 561.735.3557 which clearly states when dailed, disconnected! Eveytime I call, I get the run around, lied too!and/or I'm sorry BS!!! Enough already. I am seeking an attorney to sue these people for taking and disrupting my home phone service without my knowledge and for the return of my home number! I currently have always used Vonage! Never no issue's, always someone to talk to you (Great customer service) AT&T has been nothing for me since 12/30/2011 a Scary Nightmare!! With a ill person residing with me and no home phone is scary! Is there anyone out here that can find justice for me? AT&T need to pay me for my aggrevation, missed business for a day because I did not know they transfred my phone number! is there anyone out here that can help me end this nightmare with AT&T?


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