Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 10:22am CST by f1cbf928

Product: Car Rental

Company: Hertz

Location: Tampa In't Airport
Tampa, Fl, 34491, US

URL: http://hertz.com/

Category: Other

I rented a one way car from Hertz picking it up at the Tampa Int'l Airport. I was asked if I wanted to prepay the gas at $3.69 a gallon (price was about $3.79 on the street). It was stated that the car would be refilled at this price per gallon so I said yes. No other details were provided to me. When I got into the car I noted that the fuel tank level was not at full, but have rented from Enterprise before and they just expect for you to refil to the starting level. Evidently not so with Hertz because when I returned the car to the drop off location he said you have paid for a full tank of gas and you only drove 109 miles. I couldn't believe I was being charge $52.33 for a full tank. First of all the car didn't start out with a full tank, I drove 109 miles and was charged $3.69 PLUS TAX. The price quoted didn't include tax! I've contacted the Tampa Hertz location this morning and an awaiting a call back from a manager. I guess they don't value a customers complaint because 2 hours later I haven't heard from them. The person I spoke with said I "might" get a discount coupon for a future rental - that is NOT good enough. This is such a ripoff I can't even believe it. DO NOT USE PREPAY FUEL from the car rental agencies. I don't think they have to worry about a coupon to use on a future rental - I'm ripping up my Gold Reward card!


Mike M., 2013-01-15, 12:59PM CST

Hertz did the same thing to me. The counter lady asked me if I wanted to prepay for gas at a rate which was a few cents cheaper than local retail. No mention was made of the fact that, regardless how much gas was consumed, I would be charged for a full tank. Though I am pissed, it's my fault for not having read the ultra-fine print. While I admit my error, it's still very sneaky on their part.

In the old days companies would typically charge you ~200% of retail gas price if you failed to return a rental vehicle refilled, but they'd only charge you for fuel consumed. Under these prepaid fuel, sneak-thief programs, they make no effort outside of fine print to notify the customer of the fact that they're being charged for an entire tank, plus a refill charge, plus tax on gasoline not included in the originally stated price per gallon.

(You will pay tax on gas because most states charge the rental companies tax on services rendered, including ALL refilling costs! Hence the few cents off the "price" in the beginning.)

c1b118a4, 2013-02-25, 10:35AM CST

Rented a car a hertz in kona, for the first time I did the pre-pay fuel of 4.15 a gallon I was told I prepaid for a full tank 66 dollars. I was told to bring it back empty. I brought it back half full and was the charged 6.55 cents a gallon for 8 gallons for a total of 55 dollars half a tank. I tried to talk to the hertz billing department and go a bunch of double talk. I will never rent from hertz and I will let everyone in my travel industry to avoid this company. Bad Bad customer service !!!!!

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