Sprint PCS - Sprint disabled cell phone service without prior notice

Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012 at 11:09am CST by 5feb44cb

Product: Sprint Wireless

Company: Sprint PCS

Location: P.O. Box 8077
LONDON, KY, 40742, US

URL: http://www.sprint.com/

Category: Telecommunications

Without any prior notice, Sprint has disabled my cell phone service after one auto payment did not complete. Reason was a block on my checking account used for this auto payment. The temporary block took place, since my debit card linked to the account had been charged with fraudulent charges three weeks ago.

After being with Sprint for more than five years, and making all payments on time via auto payment, I would at least have expected a warning via email, SMS or phone call. Instead, I was worried for a couple of hours, as I was awaiting a call from my family, and wasn't sure, if they were ok. I asked the associate at the Sprint Finance Department to speak to a supervisor. This supervisor told me again, that it is standard policy at Sprint to disable the phone service without warning, and there are no intentions to change this in the future. Not sure, which part of customer service they don't understand.


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