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Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012 at 4:19pm CST by 57d5ce3f

Product: 2003 Lexus ES300

Company: Europa Online Ebay Car Cheer

Location: 2635 Lincoln Hwy
Trevose, PA, 19053, US


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I bought a 2003 Lexus from Dave and Alexandra in Oct-11.

It was advertised on Ebay as Europa-Online but they also go by Car Cheer or Cars of Northeast in Feasterville, Trevose, PA.

DO NOT - repeat - DO NOT buy from these folks. First they steered me outside of ebay so there would NOT be ebay coverage. then I asked them specifically if there was ANY rust on the vehicle BEFORE I purchased it! they said NO rust (I have this in writing!) , they check all vehicles for this! they did not say rust "normal for PA" they said NO rust! When I got the vehicle shipped to me, it is a RUST bucket! Under carriage, bolts under the hood, even the INSIDES (pedals, seat rails, anything medal) has rust! They outright lied! I am now in the process of suing them. Buy at your own risk. DO NOT buy without a personal and a mechanic inspection! I don't car how good their ebay rating is, MOST don't get to rate them. I asked them to make it right, do the right thing and take it back, of course they won't. Buyer beware with these people!

Oh yeah, the list above doesn't even cover the other issues it had. Repaired quarter panel, broken motor mount, battery too small with no tiedown - car would not start, broken cupholders, shredded wheel skirt, squeak whenever steering wheel turned, no spare tire or tools, marred interior, smoked in when they said it wasn't, garage kept? yeah right, the list goes on.......

Car Cheer Europa Online Europa-Online Ebay Cars of North East Corporation 2635 Lincoln Hwy Trevose PA

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

UPDATE: Here is the actual ad from ebay. From reading it you would believe the vehicle is pristine when in fact it is a rust bucket piece of garbage. Read for yourself. Then at the bottom see my communication to them questioning rust and their response. I have certified mechanic proof of extensive rust, not just underneath but INSIDE the vehicle. I have pics.

2003 Lexus ES300 ES 300 Auto V6 NAVI LOADED Leather


Call US

Trevose, PA 19053

Call Us Today!

(215) 500-6668

Ask For

Dave (215)796-1962 [10am-10pm ,7 Days]

Ask Us A Question

Year: 2003

Make: Lexus

Model: ES 300

VIN: JTHBF30G030087262

Mileage: 114739

Transmission: Automatic

Engine: 6 Cylinder, 3.0 L

Exterior Color: Blue

Interior Color: Tan

Title: Clear

Vehicle Description

LOADED Lexus ES300! Leather Heated Seats! Memory Seat! Navigation System! Moonroof!

Please be sure to check out all of the 35 pictures we have for this car! - See below the description

+The Car has been inspected by our mechanic!

We DO take Trade Ins*

You are looking at a loaded sedan! This is a popular color combination!

From the way the car drives and looks and the year of the vehicle - most of the miles on the car are highway miles!

There are no reported manufacturer's defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is very strong and provides the power you have come to expect from a Lexus and runs extra smooth. The transmission has the Lexus mark on it as well and the transmission is in excellent condition! The suspension that's on the car feels very nimble and comfortable at the same time.

The A/C works well and blows cold air! We had our mechanic check the car and no problems were found with it. All in all, the car really runs great!

As you can judge for yourself from the pictures - the interior is clean and looks great!

No electrical problems were found. The engine compartment clean, and free of any leaks. The vehicle is equipped with a climate control system. The power locks, windows, seats and roof all work and are in excellent condition. All the power controls and buttons work 100%.

Rims are free of nicks and paint chips! The car also comes with VERY nice sport tires have plenty of tread life left. The tires have been rotated, balanced.

This is an exceptionally looking vehicle - Loaded with tons of extras and is in great condition.

Be sure contact us with any questions that you might have at 215-796-1962 ask for Dave.

We also encourage you to make OFFERS for the car since we WILL end the auction early if the right offer is made. This is one of a kind vehicle and it is destined to sell quickly!


We make an effort of testing all the cars we sell by driving them at least for 300 miles, so that we feel more comfortable selling you the car, and you know you are getting a car that's been actually driven instead of just given a quick look over, so that you can bid with greater confidence.


1) my email to them: Dear europa-online,

Is there any rust on this vehicle especially undercarriage?Dings/dimples, dents, scrapes and bruises on the exterior?

thank you!

- icemandave77

2) their response PRIOR to my purchasing it!


thanks for your interest!

There is definitely no rust on the vehicle! We always check for rust before we get the cars in!



Yet in a later email Dave admits there is rust "but it is not abnormal".......


The car is clearly a rust bucket and most likely a flood vehicle even though not int he carfax. contact me for pics if you'd like....! It is all over the car, undercarriage, even had some rust on the metal parts of the SUNROOF!!

Caveat emptor, buyer beware with these folks!!!!

PS, if buying on ebay and the vehicle is questionable, they WILL try to steer you off the ebay site. Beware, you've been warned!!

Also see this link:


6de9d30a, 2012-03-06, 10:17AM CST

I too was defrauded by Dave and Alexandra or europa-online a/k/a Car Cheer. They steered me off of eBay to sell me a car that they completely misrepresented, and now 4 months later, I'm still paying to clean up the mess.

Stay away from europa-online a/k/a Car Cheer.

cc424741, 2013-02-02, 09:45AM CST

I posted the original issue about the 2003 Lexus. As of 12.20.12 all issues have thankfully been resolved in a mutually satisfactory manner!!

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