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Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012 at 12:13pm CST by a9d105f7

Product: eTicket Quik Track Reader

Company: Amtrak

Location: Chicago, IL, US

Category: Other

RIDERS TO MILWAUKEE BEWARE!!!! Amtrak has a novel way of adding to their fares: they shut off the bar code readers on the Quik Track readers 45 minutes before boarding, so that you can't print out your eticket confirmation. So if you don't get there before the shut off, you have to buy ANOTHER ticket on the train, costing you an extra $9.

NOWHERE EITHER ONLINE OR ON THE eTICKET ARE YOU ADVISED TO GET THERE 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE TRAIN'S DEPARTURE! I bought the ticket online knowing that I would be pressed for time catching the train - and the lines at the ticket office meant that I had no other option but to board with just my confirmation in hand. Amtrak customer service responded with a disregard for any concerns that their cut off time was irrational and unfair to the consumer. With no effective competition they can afford to be casual with their customers I guess. So riders beware!


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