Trinsic - Aggressive late payment policy

Posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012 at 11:42am CST by a73fe25c

Company: Trinsic

Location: 201 Brookwood Road
Atmore, AL, 36502-3513, US

Category: Other

I am somehow out of sync with Trinsic's billing cycle . . . and Trinsic has shut off my long distance service without warning. Weird behavior in an environment when customers have so many choices of phone carriers!

Date last bill paid in full: 1/24/12

Amount paid: $94.65

Billing cycle: 01/21/12 - 2/18/12

On this bill, $94.65 was marked as past due, with new charges of $87.33. (Payment and bill crossed in the mail.)

I have no additional paperwork from Trinsic, but when I tried to make a long distance phone call this morning, I got a "Thank you for calling Trinsic's payment processing department" message. The department was closed because it's a Sunday.

As near as I can tell, my long distance service was shut off because I'm a week late (at most)on a $87.33 payment (one month's service). And I've been a customer for years!

I seem to have 3 choices here: (1) organize my life so that paying Trinsic's bills on time is my top priority, (2) Let people considering Trinsic as a carrier know the kind of service they're likely to get, and/or (3) dump my Trinsic service.

I really find this disheartening. I try really hard to be a responsible citizen, and this is just plain stupid.


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