Canadian Rack Technology

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012 at 8:17pm CST by c82e15ed

Product: Rack

Company: Canadian Rack Technology

Location: 404 Traders Blvd.
Mississauga, On, L4Z 2H8, CA

Category: Other

I'd like to share my experiences with the Canadian Rack Technology 401 traders Blvd, Mississauga Ont. canada.they buy and sell used warehouse racks. Last week I called them if they are interested to buy and the second day one of the owner named Steve came. He checked all the inventory and the quality. Meanwhile he called his partner "Kevin" and told him the condition. He said he will call me with the price by next day. He called me and offered me $2000.00. I asked for $2600, he came up with $2500. we finalize the deal for $2500 and he said he will pick them up by friday.

On friday his partner came with his emplyees.this guy recognised because we bought some racks from him couple of months ago. so he start writing the cheque. I asked him it was cash deal and he said he did not bring but promised me the cheque is good, not to worry. So I knew him in the past I agreed with him but told him he has to pay tax and he easily agreed and wrote me the cheque for $2825.00.I had no option that time because his emplyees already started loading the truck outside.

After one hour Steve called me and said some racks are not good and started making different excuses and demanded discount or else he will put stop payment on the cheque. I went there warehouse on Traders Blvd,Mississauga and spoke to Steve.Instead he started blaming and accusing that I Lied and broke damaged the rack while in our place. I asked him what he wants to do and ha said he wants to offer me $2000. I made deal for $2500 but he refused. He took the cheque from me and wrote VOID and said do call the Cops or goto the small claim court. He knows what will happen and he doesn't care.

So now they have my racks and I have nor received any money.These people knew exactly how to screw me .I would really like to know if some one can suggest me how to get my money.And please be careful from these people.


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