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Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 9:23pm CST by 11bd1904

Product: Apple I Pod Touch 4 32G

Company: www.51buy.com

Location: Shanghai, CN

URL: http://www.51buy.com/

Category: Other

We can buy Apple products through Apple Store,China Mobile or even through E-shopping websites. As we believed Apple will have good control on their merchandise selection and management, so I bought Apple I Pod Touch 4 32G through a big E-Shopping website: www.51buy.com.

Right after received the product and paid the money, I unpacked the package in front of 51buy's courier people, while found obvious appearience defects on top and bottom edge. I can't believe it is Apple's quality standard and how could 51buy deliver this kind of defected product to consumer. Thier price is only $23 cheaper than Apple Store, I just felt very convenience and fast to get the product and thought about Apple's good reputation (I'm also using I phone 4S), while now very disappointed.

Buying and paying throught 51buy was extremely convenient and fast, while so difficult to get After Sales Service and prompt response. Everyone from 51buy is telling me you have to wait, we need to check and then double check where is the defects. :(

I planned to bring the I pod touch 4 as a wedding gift for my friend during the weekend, while now I can't have my money back, also don't have the I touch.

Apple got good reputation and popularily in China, while I really wished Apple Inc. will have strict control on their merchandise selection and management in China. As consumer trusted is Apple who can do good job.

I will really appreciate you can pass my complaint to Apple Inc.and have their attention. Thank you.


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