Pure skin Laser Clinic - Pure skin Laser Clinic Burned my faced

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 12:36pm CST by 5fc55c3d

Company: Pure skin Laser Clinic

Location: 3436 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, Ontario

URL: http://www.pureskinlaser.ca/

Category: Other

In July of 2011 I purchased a buytopia deal which gave me one year of laser on three parts of my body. The deal was unbelievable. This turned out to be true. After my first visit my neck was burnt seriously. My skin peeled off which left a scars. I contacted butopia letting them know. They informed me they are only liaisons between the companies but will investigate the matter due to various complaints. They later informed me that the facility was deemed "unsanitary" and they asked the business owner Sabrina to shape it up. I was astonished to know that they would have such a place like this on their site. They offered me some butopia dollars and some long weeks later gave me a refund. Sabrina the business owner accepted my offer to pay for 1 year of treatment at the facility of my choice VIA email. After weeks of emailing her admin assistant Martha the cheque was finally received at the facility. Martha informed me that half the payment was made and the other half would be made shortly after. I have contacted the facility of serval occasion only speaking to Martha who always seems as if she needs to track down Sabrina. She stated a cheque was sent out but the facility never received it. I have emailed the facility several times to follow up but was only given the run around. I have decided to take legal way. Since my face was badly burnt with scars and left me with serious insecurities. Consumers please beware for the facility is not safe and can leave you with serious damage. Please be aware of packages bought on deal pages since for the case of buytopia they do not check the merchants.

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1ddbef71, 2014-02-06, 02:28AM CST

I bought the 1 year unlimited laser hair removal to 6 body parts. They said results will be seen after 3 treatments; i did five already and no results. I always get burns. The fifth time I went I was treated by a transgender i believe that had no consideration what so ever; I was burnt so badly underarm and legs. I couldn't take it no more. Im definitely cancelling.

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