Motorcoach Unlimited LLC - Poor Charter Bus Service

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 9:36am CST by fc213f70

Product: Passenger Carrier Service

Company: Motorcoach Unlimited LLC

Location: 210 Etowah Trace


Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

Two buses were paid in full to take a group of 106 to NOLA 217/2012-2/19/2012. A detailed travel scheule was submitted with the payment and then later via email requested by the Adrienee Withrow CEO. The buses arrived 1 hour late for pick up in Atlanta. We called she said they were down the road at the wrong parking lot we call The Parking Spot and they had not seen any buses entering their lot but they did know they buses were picking up at Lot 2. Once arriving bus #2012 was leaking in three seats this bus was sold out so I had to pay another group $150.00 that was also loading in the same location for the two people to ride on their bus. Once in New Orleans I spoke to the Ceo around 4:30p to make sure we had a replacement bus for the one that broke down on the road she then said yes the passenger bags will be on the bus and they both will arrive together for pickup at 1:30a. I expressed my concerns with the late pickup, breakdown on the road it is crutial for an on time pickup so that I would not have to face 106 angry passengers. She assured me the buses would be on time. at 1:30am no buses. I called driver for bus # 2012 he said he was 10-15 mins away and I call Adrienne to inquire on the replacement bus. She gave me the driver number and I called he said he was 10 mins away and he said she was instructed to pick up at 2:00am . Neither of the drivers had a schedule so I gave them a hard copy once we arrive in NOLA. Bus # 2012 arrived at 2:20am. The bus air conditioner went out on the way down therefore, he had to wipe the windows with a wet towel while driving in order to see. In addition, I made an announcement on the bus to the passengers of why they had been late the entire trip. One they were waiting on a bus to return for use in Atlanta, and on the return he went to help a fellowfriend driving for another company and his bus had broke down leaving his load to wait in the rain, cold being an hour late for pickup. I asked the company for a partial refund of $2350 due to the poor service received and they declined.


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