Alex Rojas - Doesn't backup his work

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 10:10am CST by fe3eaab8

Product: Carpentry, Handyman Services

Company: Alex Rojas

Location: San Jose, CA, 95101, US

Category: Other

We had some significant work done by this guy during the Summer of 2011. Many things were not done correctly, including an underground water line that never worked, granite surfaces that ended up with numerous cracks, sagging gates, improperly setup irrigation line and drainage. He charged us about twice the original quote and didn't finish the job. He left our job with a huge amount of work left to complete, because he took another job that paid better. We tried to get him to come fix the problems with his work but he ignored our contact efforts. We pushed the issue several months later and he finally came over. He argued with my wife and somehow tried to justify his lack of responsibility for all the problems he had created. We ended up having to pay someone to fix a bunch of the problems, and most of them remain unresolved. Alex was very unorganized during the work process and we paid him lots of money to go back and forth to Home Depot for things he should have purchased at one time. I spent well over 40 hours of my own time at Home Depot getting things as he needed them, usually last minute, because he had such difficulty planning in advance. Alex is good with some small jobs, but we do not recommend huge multi-task projects. We cannot recommend him because he did not back up any of his work. We spent about $40,000 dollars on this project and are left with major problems that we will have to hire someone else to fix as we can afford it. We are sad to write this complaint, but the problem were just too numerous and his stunning refusal to back up any of his work just cannot be accepted. Alex can be nice at times, but he also can be very stubborn, argumentative and self-righteous. If he ever decides to back up his work and fix all the problems he created, we will adjust this review.


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