cheesed off with O2

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 6:10pm CST by fcc7970b

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All O2 branded phones are locked to them (not just symbian) so that even when you have honored your contract and should be free to use the phone how you like it remains an advertisement for O2 and leaves you with a lower resale value.

My opinion, this is totally wrong but until Nokia or O2 start playing fair on this I have an "O2 phone" and can't get Belle (except when O2 have put their branding on again).

I have an O2 (UK) N8, over 1 year and paid O2 to unlock. Now okay any network but phone Product Code is still O2.Therefore, can't go to the Nokia site for Belle update until O2 release their version, which I don't want.

O2 N8 andNSU won't give me the Nokia version of Belle.


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