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Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 8:10pm CST by 887ecba1

Product: Auto Restoration and Car Repair

Company: Motorheads Performance

Location: 4487 FM 1682 Leesville, Texas 78122


Category: Internet Services

Guy Algar and Motorheads Performance= Consumer Beware!

Guy Algar and his business partner Andrea White are gifted marketing experts. They have a very nice glossy website at:

I was taken in by their nice website. Then I found out about their services. First, Guy Algar advertises he is a Shop Manager of his business. In reality, his shop is his residential garage. He allegedly has no other personnel other than Andrea White who is not ASE certified. She worked as a marketing consultant and now allegedly is an expert at fixing auto transmissions. Right? Second, their place of business is their home located out in the pastures of Leesville, Texas. Good luck finding this-- off the beaten track place. They apparently have no business sign, but a long dusty road leading to their house.

Other points: Guy Algar will nickel and dime you on every imaginable cost item. This includes researching for auto parts, gas to pick up your parts, design fees, and any other fee they can drum up. A comparison with other shops indicates that their prices and labor costs are triple the local communities labor rates. Guy Algar apparently thinks he still works for a North East USA Engineering Company and can bill local Texans a big city rate. He will pad your bill until you realize your being gouged. If you attempt to negotiate on the bill, these knuckleheads will secretly tape record you and act unprofessional in the process.

Guy Algar and Andrea White were caught

red handed with false advertising on their website. JC Whitney, for example, had to write to Motorheads and ask that they remove false certification information they had made involving JC Whitney. In another case, they claimed that a magazine listed them as one of the recommended shops to repair classic Corvettes. A call to the editor of that magazine resulted in the fact that the magazine is now out of business. Plus, the rating was not based on any visit to their place of business. So who knows how they were recommended?

Guy Algar and Andrea White have several websites and claim expertise in a myriad of business areas. You have to scratch your head and wonder what they are trying to do and what they are truly expert at. They did buy land in Leesville, Texas to have horses, so you have to assume that they have to support themselves via their websites?

I'm not telling any reviewer who reads this to not hire Guy Algar and Motorheads Performance. That decision is up to you. I'm merely alerting you to the business practices of Motorheads. If you do hire this Guy at Motorheads, make sure you have a firm bid in place, and don't let Guy jack up your repair bill. In short, consumer please be aware of this company.


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