Myriad Artworks - Complaint: Myriad Artworks web design & owner Sabrina Polk

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 1:31pm CST by 433cb5a8

Product: Website design company

Company: Myriad Artworks

Location: 2105 Lanice


Category: Online Shopping

If you choose to do business with Myriad Artworks of Bridgeport, Texas and owner Sabrina Polk, you might be interested in my experience. They created webpages for my political campaign and won't take them off the internet. I have come to the painful realization that just because I paid for the webpages' creation doesn't mean I control them.

I ran for office, I lost, and now it seems this event may forever be at the top of my public identity! Anyone searching "Google" that enters my name and hometown, the first link is to my 2010 campaign webpages on Myriad Artworks website. I asked it be removed after the election, but to no avail.

Actually, I am quite shocked over the incident since I have never seen anyone leave an old campaign webpage on the web. Maybe by posting my complaint, this company may come to understand that certain information on the world wide web has adverse affects on people's lives.

I have shared my experience in doing business with this company and hope you find this information of value, especially if you are considering doing business with them. I certainly wish someone would have shared this with me.


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