att mobility - a loyal at&t customer for over 12 years

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 4:09pm CST by cf2a2d17

Product: at&t cellular services

Company: att mobility

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atlanta, ga, 30353-6216, US


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my cell service is erratic, and drops calls. the siganal is inconsistant. i also have my computer access with a laptop card. for 2 1/2 years they have promised dcl, but have not dilivered. for the cost of the services i am very disappointed..i have been with att for a long time. i have always been willing to pay a little bit more for the service because of whow they have been in the past, but now i would never recommend them to any one else. they have not kept their word, and their promises mean nothing. my contracts are both out and so if they do not do something within the next thirty days i will find another carrier. they do not offer any incentives to their long term customers to stay with them.

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e2667296, 2012-06-19, 01:11PM CDT

This is not my complaint!

My complaint was recorded last night;

however, I will submit this again, & again, until I get satisfaction, on this fraudulant action.

I, went to MacDill AFB, to acquire two phones, was advised that I coulld not get any phones without a $500.00 deposit on each phone. Check my old phone number 813-546-1260. You will find that I was never late with a payment, in fact AT& T refuned $300.0-0 dolalrs for over payment. This 72 miles trip each was to MacDill was done three (3) times. We are both in power chairs, & we were extremely embarrassed to be told in our PX that we were not elgible for any phone. That, I believe, is slander, abuse, fraudulant actions, & iniates a Notice of Intent to file an action! What AT & T has done is not ethical, & for no reason! However, I am going back to MacDill AFB tomorroe, & see if my records has been cleared, if not I intend to file a law suite, against AT & T, et, al.

Rev. Anna M. Clark


[email protected]

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